Our Mission

NextGen: PGH is a new model "for purpose" 501(c)(3) community development organization that enhances the quality of life in Pittsburgh. Our strategy is simple: we engage, empower, and mobilize the community by bringing people together in new, exciting ways. We grow economies, increase social interaction, and enhance culture, by delivering creative solutions for better urban living.

We create more vibrant neighborhoods & cohesive communities

We deliver state of the art educational curriculums

We drive new models of economic development

We impact public health and environment

We connect people to community

We serve residents of all ages

We improve city living

We deliver FUN

NextGen: PGH has helped deliver the biggest communal innovations Squirrel Hill has seen in many years. Tens of thousands of Pittsburgh residents, including students, families, teens, and seniors have benefited from their work”
— Councilman Corey O'Connor, Pittsburgh District 5